Xu Jingxin - Developer


I'm a developer, my name is Xu Jingxin. I used to be a PHP developer, now most of time I develop projects with CoffeeScript. It is an amazing and mystery language, if you are in the same way as I think, we may have a talk, perhaps we have a lot in common:) In the left time I also coding in Ruby/ObjectiveC/Python/Shell and other thing else.

I have some interesting projects, most of them are hosted on github. sundae is lightweight restful framework based on express, it has some interesting features borrowed from rails, such as restful route declaration and hooks of actions. graceful-logger is a slim log module written in CoffeeScript, it outputs colorful and timestamped logs. You can define the log format by yourself. The full list of my projects are listed on the projects page.

I am currently working for Teambition. It is a project management tool, just like trello and asana.

Recently I'm interested in painting, so I decided to draw a picture each day. You can find these pictures on this page.

You can find me on Github, Google+, Weibo, Douban. Feel free to send me emails via sailxjx@gmail.com.